HBase - The Definitive Guide

HBase: The Definitive Guide

HBase - The Definitive Guide is a book about Apache HBase by Lars George, published by O'Reilly Media.

You can buy it in electronic and paper forms from O'Reilly (including via Safari Books Online), or in paper form from Amazon (US), and many other sources.

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The book's example code is available on GitHub. The differences between the book (revision 1130916) and the current trunk (as of 8/18/2011) can be found in the JDiff pages. It is recommended to use the tarball with the same release level to run the examples against, since newer versions might slightly change the RPC protocol and will not work properly using the older client HBase jar file. You can download the matching tarball.

The O'Reilly site allows you to view and submit errata and reviews. You can also email comments to lars@hbasebook.com.

I occasionally write about the book on my blog, and on Twitter.

For an the ultimate guide to Hadoop, please also see Tom White's excellent Hadoop - The Definitive Guide, published by O'Reilly.

"HBase" is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation